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4 Parts of Fact Finding in a Car Accident Case in Lebanon TN

Civil litigation can be a complex process. However, every day there are lawsuits filed and cases both won and lost. If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, you may want to take legal action. It’s ideal to know the strength of your case before actually filing a complaint and summons on the other driver or the defendant. You should consider knowing the details about the discovery stage before actually do this. It’s possible to get all the information you need from your Lebanon car accident lawyer to help you with this legal process.

Written interrogatories

As the plaintiff, you can typically expect to answer a series of inquiries about your dispute. In fact, you, the plaintiff carry the burden of proof, and you should be prepared to provide accurate and thorough details about what happened during the accident.

The discovery stage is the time to give factual information that can assist you with building the strongest possible case. Your Lebanon car crash attorney is sure to inform you that written interrogatories are a part of this stage, and the maximum amount of questions you can expect are 25.

The deposition

You should be prepared to attend a deposition if you’ve filed a civil lawsuit. This is when you will meet with the other parties attorney and answer any questions that you’re asked.

As the plaintiff, you should always attend with your Lebanon car accident attorney and be sure to consult with this individual beforehand. You can expect to be sworn in under oath to ensure you tell the truth at all times. Additionally, you can look forward to have a court reporter present at the deposition.

Request for admission statements

Courts are busy and want to keep trials and the use of the judge’s time to a minimum. One way this goal is achieved is by serving a list of admission statements to both the plaintiff and defendant. These will need to be answered by either admitting or denying any of the information that is provided.

This may help reduce the amount of time that a case stays in the court system. Additionally, this can be beneficial to you, the plaintiff, because of fewer days in front of a jury.

Requests for production documents

The ideal time to prove your losses during the discovery stage is during the requests for the production documents part. This will allow you to provide any written receipts that you may have from your doctor regarding medical costs. You should also have a copy of the estimate to repair your car and any lost wages, as well.

The key to building a strong case is by being prepared in advance with the proof that will help you do so. It’s ideal to consult with a Lebanon, TN car accident lawyer to assist you!