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A Competent Mc Allen, TX Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Win Your Case

Being in an auto accident is one of the most difficult and stressful experiences an individual could go through. It is a confusing new territory for most people. The aftermath of an accident involves one hassle after another–getting the vehicle fixed, going to the hospital, getting prescriptions, getting or making phone calls from the adjusters, loss of income or missing the job, not to mention the suffering and pain that one might undergo after the accident takes place.

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There are various things that a car accident lawyer in Mc Allen, TX does for his clients. He could offer peace of mind in knowing that he (not a ‘case manager” or a paralegal) is representing the client. Protect the rights of the clients and doing everything he can to bring about the best result for his clients.

The lawyer would also provide personal service for the clients. In the initial meeting he will not consider the client as a case or case number; a good lawyer would treat his or her clients with respect and listen to them. he also keep the client informed of what is going on and let the client know what to expect at each stage. The lawyer would give the client peace of mind in knowing that if he or she is not treated fairly by the insurance company, then the lawyer will do whatever it takes to get justice for his clients.

There are many ways that the lawyer goes about providing clients with those intangibles. Educate the client about the claim and answer questions, obtain and gather documentation about the claim; review the facts of the case to identify all potential at-fault parties; review and analyze all possible layers of insurance coverage for the accident, interview witnesses; investigate the scene of the accident (take pictures and gather other physical evidence); evaluate legal issues surrounding the facts of the accident, speak with client’s treating physicians about the medical conditions and recommended treatment place; review available insurance; such as health coverage or personal injury protection (PIP) to determine if bills can be paid while client is treating.

If the client is unable to work, the lawyer would assist in filling out forms to properly replace the client’s wage loss. If personal injury protection coverage is available to pay for wage loss or medical bills, a Mc Allen, TX Car Accident Attorney make sure all the proper documentation is submitted and that the insurance company pays on a timely basis. Discuss settlement offers with the client in detail and answer all of the questions regarding whether to settle, and the risks associated with litigation.